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MainStage Series

Exciting boutique musicals

Calling All Kates

Feb 21 - March 14

What happens when your fiancée dumps you, but you have a prepaid honeymoon trip around the world? Find someone with her exact same name to join you. Embark on a globetrotting journey in this new musical by Emily Goodson and Jeremy Schonfeld. Imagine a world in which Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt moves in with the Gilmore Girls. Calling All Kates is a quirky cupcake of a comedy with as much heart as humor.



May 1 - 23

Whether you’re a mom or not, everyone can enjoy the hilarity of “climbing the emotional mountain only to find that there’s laundry at the top.” We’re all alive because of them, and most would agree it’s the hardest job on planet Earth. So bring your entire tribe to this heartwarming, laugh-out-loud celebration of mom-dom.

From being pregnant to succumbing to driving a minivan, from facing an empty nest to anxiously awaiting a first grandchild, Motherhood the Musical covers all the zany twists and turns of being a mom. Songs include Billboard Top 10 comedy hit, “The Kids Are Finally Asleep” to the oh-so-true “Costco Queen.”


Murder ballad

September 1 - 26

A steamy and razor-sharp thriller, Murder Ballad explores the complications of lust, love, and betrayal. This slick rock musical was created by Jonathan Larson Award winner Julia Jordan, and indie rock singer-songwriter, Juliana Nash.

Murder Ballad centers around Sara, who struggles with the choice between a stable life with her young family, and that of a passionate affair. But unleashed passions have consequences, and the costs can prove deadly.

NOTE: Murder Ballad is intended for audiences 16 years and older. The show contains content that some may find offensive, including strong language, as well as scenes and language of a sexual nature. In purchasing a ticket for Murder Ballad, you acknowledge that you have read this caution.

Altro Series

Theatrical Concert Experiences


Beach party blast

Jan 10 - 18

Here’s a sun-drenched cure for your winter blues! Enjoy all the top summer songs from classic and contemporary music, including the Beach Boys. Join us “Under The Boardwalk” for a theatrical concert experience as we go “Surfin’ U.S.A.”


Brave & Beautiful

June 5 - 13

The empowering music of female singer-songwriters makes us all want to sing along. Join us for a concert of the fierce music of Sara Bareilles, Carole King, Adele, Beyoncé, and Stevie Nicks.



Nov 13 - Dec 19

Join your favorite characters in this new immersive theatrical concert. Follow the yellow brick road for an exciting musical and visual experience with some delightful Prima twists.

Special events

One-night-only experiences to add to your subscription


Spring Soirée - “Top ten”

April 4

You are invited to a very special benefit concert, featuring show-stopping songs from the past ten years of fresh theatrical experiences at Prima. This memorable event benefits the organization’s artistic initiatives and will offer an exciting glimpse into Prima’s future.


Stage Brawl

October 16

Cheer on local celebrities and leaders as they perform famous songs and scenes, vying to be Champion of the Stage! Join the fun in this lighthearted competition, helping to raise funds for Prima as you vote for your favorite performances.